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The old man wasn’t particularly fond of picking up his own supplies. Lavi chalked it up as a result of his age but most of the time it seemed like an excuse for the teacher to get rid of his apprentice - if only for a little while. And if there were the case, then he certainly wouldn’t mind if the redhead took his time running the errands.

Lavi shoved a folded scrap of paper into his pocket, mentally noting everything he was supposed to obtain in town. As soon as the others had gotten wind that Lavi was headed out, they began writing their own lists. Komui needed this, Allen wanted that - he was beginning to feel like a servant. But it was a good excuse to get out and stretch his legs so he wouldn’t complain too much - although he was missing his afternoon nap. But it couldn’t be helped. With a sigh, his hands shoved in his pockets, Lavi crossed the road and headed into the market district of the small town.