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To NoahofPleasure

The long walk had stopped Bookman from tagging along with his apprentice. He’d have to go on his own in order to find the innocence he was seeking. Too bad he had no idea where it was. The only clue he got was that all of the crops in the area had began to wither and die. And all of these crops were watered through irrigation canals coming from the river. So, logic dictated  that the innocence was probably somewhere in or around the river. Needless to say, this was no a very good hint. 

He’d been trudging up the river bank for nearly an hour now, looking for some kind of sign - anything at all. But there was nothing, no oddities to be seen. He was looking for an area where the fish didn’t populate, hoping that would be his target spot but so far he’d yet to find anything. 

In frustration, the redhead flopped to the ground, staring up at the sky. “Why can’t innocence come with some kind of tracking device, I mean really was that too much to ask?” He whined, groaning. He decided he’d earned himself a break and allowed himself to remain in the grass, comforted by the soft breeze.